Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Parity Systems provides a  distinct range of Software Solutions to satisfy the individual need of customers. Some of these solutions are:

• Server Operating Systems

Parity Systems have extensive experience and knowledge of  installing and configuring Operating Systems, specializing in Novell Netware, Microsoft Windows Server and Linux.

•Antivirus Software
Antivirus software must be part of every IT solution as it is very important to ensure our environments are protected and data secured.  Antivirus software should be working in the background full-time without slowing a user down.

• Backup & disaster recovery Software Solutions

Backups must be part of our strategic planning to ensure business continuity and data preserved for restoration should there be data loss. Parity Systems installs and maintains all leading backup software solutions.

 •Email Solutions & Spam Filetering
These days,almost everyone relies on e-mails in distinct devices to run their business. We can help you implement a workable e-mail solution for your business and then make sure that the false advertisements and other spam materials do not inundate your mailbox. If you're having a problem getting your company's vital emails to employees with mobile devices, our Company can help.

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