Network Solutions

Network Solutions

• Routers: Products range from entry-level to high-end modular routers.

• Remote Access Equipment: Products range from single modem solutions to high-end rack mount modular solutions.

• Network Fax Solution: Parity Systems has developed and supplies a Fax Server Solution for the sending and receiving of faxes on any computer on the network. It is suited for all sizes of businesses with as many fax lines as your busines s requires.

• Network Security:  Parity Systems provides consultation on network security practice and procedures and also supplies, installs and maintains network security solutions. This includes products like leading brand firewall software, routers with firewall software and features like access lists and the setting up of VLAN's and Layer 3-4 switches.

 • Network Cabling: Parity Systems provides a data cabling service to complete our network infrastructure solution. This ranges from the supply and installation of data cabinets and cabling components to the installation of the cabling.

• Network Installation, Maintenance and Support: Parity Systems provides maintenance and support on the total range of networking products we supply. We provide maintenance and support services on the customer's premises or it can be done remotely. A maintenance agreement can also be entered into, should it be required.

 .Switches: Products range from entry-level unmanaged switches to high-end level 4 managed switches.

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